Of Size Sixes and “Yawn”Ga – A recap of my guest appearance on GetBizy

On the morning of July 29th I was the delighted guest of the GetBizy Google+ podcast hosted by Jim Fierce and Krithika Rangarajan. It was a super fun time chatting with the crew about all the goings on with TASCbar, YogaDork and Salted Scarletry, as well as some doula-ing and my philosophy on being successful.  Krithika, aka Kit, wrote up a great recap and she gave me permission to share it here. 


Of Size Sixes and “Yawn”Ga

The closest I have ever come to performing Yoga was on a bleary Sunday morning at my gym.

The lights were dim, the room was scented and the participants were excited.

I took a deep breath. The class began.

Ten minutes later, I stifled a yawn and barely prevented myself from running away. My whole body felt itchy out of restlessness. While the instructor contorted her size-zero body into unfathomable shapes – was she a reptile? grr  – I was cursing my rigid-size-six-self!

“Why the heck can’t I balance on one leg even for 10 seconds”, I chided myself.

I sighed, the instructor glared – I couldn’t wait to get out!

I was told to take up Yoga to obtain peace of mind. But, at the ‘much anticipated end’ of that hour, I was ready to give that instructor a piece of my mind. I stormed out of the room, vowing to never put myself through such mental and physical agony again.Yep, #DramaQueen thy name is Kitto 😛

Since then, I have remained content looking at – and cursing – gorgeous guys and gals showing off their skills in branded gym-wear in magazines.

Snobs. 😛

And Then an AWESOME YORK (Yoga DORK = YORK) From #JerseyShore Entered My Life 😉

I glanced at the doe-eyed, bespectacled woman – with a short-cropped hairstyle – on my screen. I had just dragged myself away – very hesitantly – from scanning the#FunandFabulous articles on yogadork.com, and was secretly admiring this uber-talented woman.

Every post on that site pulsed with energy, exuberance and enthusiasm, and I couldn’t wait to chat with her during our #GetBizy hour.

At 11 AM CST, I had a huge girl-crush! 😉

It was that simple.

+Jennilyn Carson is the kind of woman that you can interact with for hours without ever looking at the clock. Her gentle charisma, quiet intelligence, quirky sense of humor, addictive smile and compassionate heart stole my heart quite effortlessly.

As we chatted, I realized that size doesn’t matter in Yoga. What matters is your spiritual connection to the mind, body and soul. I realized that gestures don’t mattereither. What matters is giving your all to the moment, losing yourself in the moment and, in the process, FINDING yourself (h/t to +Kristin Drysdale  -> the#ReciprocityGirl 😉 )

I realized that stereotypes are counterproductive; that creativity is contagious; and that our #DreamTeam  is moving to Harlem 😉

Norms? What The Hell Are Those

Early on in the show, my #PIC  +James Fierce made a very valid observation: who’d have thought of blending “Yawn”Ga and humor? 😛 Yoga is only for uptight, reed-thin models who want to inflict their superior motor skills over the rest of us poor mortals, right?

But Jennilyn aspired to challenge this stereotype. She wanted to make Yoga more accessible to the ‘regular folks’ and hence founded the company with the most imaginatively hilarious name (which the #GetBizy house obviously DEVORED with glee!)YogaDork. And her site lives up to its ingenious moniker. I dare you to visit her blog and NOT get lost in the amusing labyrinths of (the latest and greatest in) the#YogaWorld .

While most bloggers  follow cliches and passe formulas of writing, this woman is a study in the art of creating content that inspires, arouses and excites! I mean, how can you resist an article with the title, “Why Yoga and Flexibility Are NOT Synonymous

Heck, I might just find the guts to enter that dim gym-room again 😉

News Flash: When you challenge the status-quo, you set new standards of excellence and blaze new paths of happiness. Jennilyn taught me that there ARE NO norms, except the ones residing in YOUR imagination.

LIVE Your Brand

My favorite actress from India is Madhuri Dixit –a gorgeous, graceful AND gracious woman (http://media.movietalkies.com/celebrities/2012/august/madhuriatanjumodilakme/madhuridixit-2012-1b.jpg). Now, there are tons of other beautiful, talented performers in my country, but MD – _as she is fondly called – is special to me simply because the grace and expressiveness that is displayed on screen is not limited to the screen alone.

MD LIVES her brand. She is an epitome of grace every second of her life – even the way she pares apples is uber-graceful and irresistible.

I noticed something very similar about Jennilyn.

The humor, creativity and warmth that is present on yogadork.com is not limited to the site. Jennilyn REPRESENTS her brand by creating a lifestyle that revolves around these three tenets. She IS a funny, cute and supremely talented gal who YEARNS to elevate the quality of lifestyle for others by forging a community of hope, optimism and love.

News Flash: When you epitomize your brand, your passion is infectious. Always BE YOU!

Have More Ideas? Unleash Them

Who said that you need to own only one site, one business or one idea at a time.Never ignore the whispers that tug at your heart.

Jennilyn didn’t.

She also co-founded two equally imaginative projects: Salted Scarletry and TascBar

PS: This woman should be knighted as the #DameofCreativeBusinessNames 😀

Salted Scarletry is a labor of love for Jennilyn and her very close friend from middle school! The mission of the site is to highlight pertinent woman issues and news,with a touch of ‘salt’, a dollop of ‘spice’ and –again –oodles of humor!

Tasc Bar is a paean to creative minds across the world (well, the Harlem area for now, but Jennilyn has promised that the #TascBarExpress will be visiting our areas soon) 😉

If you are an artist of any kind, you realize that working alone is part of the package. And we love it.

Personally, I am not too much of a collaborator. I enjoy clacking out my posts and articles in solitude. With words, I am never lonely.

HOWEVER, I am also human – I think :P. And humans CRAVE connection.

TascBar seeks to embrace the solitude of art, while still reaping the benefits of collaboration. Jennilyn and JT – her partner – wanted to open up a space for those working from home to connect with their communities, while still reveling in the joy of creating something for themselves. Isn’t that a masterstroke?

The #TascbarTeam has some grand visions for the future – including workshops and expansion strategies – and we cannot wait to learn more. (In fact, the   #DreamTeammade our guest very uncomfortable by offering to partner with her on air in order to bring her vision to the world via HOAs) 😉

But just know, Jennilyn, that we love and support you unconditionally! 😀

Seriously, how can you NOT get sucked in by the power, passion and persistence of this #WonderWoman , #YogaDork and #TascMaster ?

News Flash: Don’t let your ideas gather dust in the attics of your mind. If you BELIEVE in a cause, BRING IT TO LIFE.

In all, the entire #GetBizyTeam – including the ever-enchanting #DreamTeam and our ever-energizing #DreamAudience – is in love with Jennilyn Carson: a woman who enjoys life, a woman who wants the best for others, a woman who is indeed one-of-a-kind!

Harlem, here we come!

Thank you so much, Jennilyn Carson, for gracing us with your humility, humor and heart. Thank you so much to my ‘fantabulous’  #DreamTeam  and #DreamAudience – your SPIRIT engulfs every episode of #GetBizyWithKitandJim  in a comforting cocoon of success.

#KitandJim are here FOR you, BECAUSE OF you and WITH you#GetBizyHUGSPLEASE

#DreamTeam  *Members Who Participated In This Show* : +James Fierce ,+Christine L Bowen , +Kristin Drysdale

#DreamAudience  *for this show*: +Carmen Mandich , +Sherrill Duce , +Christopher Vogelmann , +Lee Rickler , +Frank Gainsford , +David Henry Pipe , +Peter Hatherley , +Grizwald Grim , +Mani Saint-Victor , +Roy Montero

Comment of the Week: We have two winners here 😉

“As long as there is breath in the body, there is movement and energy” – +Kristin Drysdale

“Put it all together and you have rhythm, and it has its own energy” – +Carmen Mandich

Link to the ShowYogaDork, Salted Scarletry, and TascBar – WTH? – In East Harlem, NYC

Link to YogaDorkhttp://yogadork.com/

Link to Salted Scarletryhttp://saltedscarletry.com/

A VERY special thanks to +Shannon Lemos whose support on Facebook helped me complete this post #LOVEYOU

Love to all you wonderful people #Muaah


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