Why hasn’t anyone made fully biodegradable and compostable balloons yet?

balloon-releaseThis is a mini rant. But seriously, why hasn’t anyone made fully biodegradable and compostable balloons yet? I know releasing balloons into the air has been a thing for decades, but lately I’ve noticed a lot of people releasing balloons to commemorate something or honor a loved one. It’s a lovely idea in theory. However…

Not to be harsh, but those balloons DO NOT float up to heaven.

Everything goes somewhere. Those balloons do not disappear into thin air. God is not catching all the balloons and handing them to your sweet deceased grandma.

Though claims have been made that latex balloons are eco-friendly and biodegradable this is just not the case. Unfortunately, too many animals, especially marine animals consume the popped balloons thinking they’re food and suffer the consequences.

Maybe we can just make the balloons out of fish food?

Relatedly, a friend of mine sent me this vide, which I find HORRIFYING.

1.5 million balloons released like a mushroom cloud of helium-filled terror, for a United Way fundraiser no less.

What’s wrong with humans??


 image via Wanted Chosen Planned


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