Two of my favorite things: yoga and periods

I was recently interviewed about my experience with yoga, how it intersects with my cycle and fertility awareness. I got to talk about YogaDork and Cycledork, two babies I’m super proud of! <3

My thanks to Holly Grigg-spall.


Is Your Birth Control Yoga Friendly?

Are there any common lessons you have gleaned from both yoga and fertility awareness?

When you think you have it all figured out, think again. Both yoga and fertility awareness are tools for self-inquiry and understanding, but they’re not exactly answers. Just like we continue to change and evolve, I feel the tools are only as good as their updates and applications. My yoga is a lot different from when I was 18 or 25, and so is my cycle. Now in my 30s, my understanding of both (and their relation to my life) has improved but I’m constantly learning more as life goes on. Yoga encouraged me to explore and inquire more, which led me to fertility awareness in the first place. I use both to give myself the space to check in and tune in.

Read the full interview here.

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