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Welcome to the part where I awkwardly write about myself in the third person. Thanks for wanting to know!

Brief bio: 

Jennilyn Carson is a writer, editor, creator and kitty rescuer living and thriving in East Harlem, NYC. She is Founder and Editor In Chief of YogaDork.com, a popular yoga culture and news website with a sense of humor. Expanding the ‘dorkdom, she recently founded Cycledork.com, a period-positive website dedicated to perioducation, self-empowerment and undoing the taboo around menstruation.

Jennilyn is a skilled copy editor and self-described lover of words. As well as copy editing her own websites, Jennilyn served as editor and curator of the Yoga Sleuth section at YogaCityNYC from 2011 to 2017 assigning, copy editing, and publishing yoga class reviews.

Offline, Jennilyn is a DONA-trained birth doula and a yoga teacher (500hr+) specializing in prenatal and embodiment awareness. She believes that through embodiment we will find the keys to genuine self-expression, compassion and balance. She is a proud supporter of the positive body image movement within yoga and beyond, and is an active member of the Yoga and Body Image Coalition.

Jennilyn’s love for animals, especially cats, inspired her to become a certified Trap-Neuter-Return rescuer. To date, Jennilyn has rescued over 30 cats in her neighborhood.

Though it is currently on hiatus, Jennilyn is the co-director of TASCbar, an affordable creative co-working workspace in East Harlem designed to unite like-minded individuals in a supportive and welcoming environment.

Jennilyn has been profiled in The New York Times and Yoga Journal, and has been quoted in various news publications including the NY Post, The Guardian, Racked.com, Mic.com and Today.com. She is a two-time panelist at the South by Southwest Conference and Festival in Austin, TX and taught yoga at the festival for five years from 2010 to 2015.


Less than formal bio, in the first person:

I have a variety of interests and being involved and/or running multiple projects at once is kind of my thing. I currently have three cats and a darling partner, all of whom I love dearly. I am recently engaged (to my partner not my cats) though I find the word fiancé makes me feel awkward and as if I’m not sticking my pinky finger out quite far enough during tea time. (Honestly, every time I have to say it, I hear Billy Zane from Titanic echoing in my head — “my fian-say!”)

I consider myself a feminist. I also appreciate what David Bowie was once quoted as saying to his wife Iman who interviewed him for Bust magazine on the subject: “I’m stubbornly a nothing-ist. -ists and -isms irk me. ”

I’m an introverted extrovert. Or is that extroverted introvert?

I wouldn’t say I’m radical as much as extremely unconventional. Conventions irk me, too.

For better or worse, I am a fringer.

A brief word about fringers: More of a verb than a noun, fringer is a term I coined (to the best of my knowledge) representing the un-immersed, un-indoctrinated, evolving individuals who feel passionate about their chosen subjects and paths, but also feel a natural, guttural repulsion to “signing up” or subscribing to any particular group, whether it be social, political, professional or any other. Though, it’s not about disassociating or disengaging. Rather, it’s about participating and being a contributor to the whole, without being separated or categorized by labels, clubs or elite circles. Fringers operate from within and from without at once, and feel OK operating within interests and groups without being fully defined by them. I realize the paradox of making a term for it at all. It’s not about being defined, it’s about being.

(This is a thought, and experience, I’ve had for a while, and one I will expand on at a later time. If intrigued, stay tuned.)

That’s that!


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