A Blizzard Miracle!

A blizzard miracle! The kitty shelters held up and did not get snowed in.  Want to help outdoor cats survive the winter? Buy a shelter or make one! Or at least leave a little food and fresh water for them outside if you have kitties nearby. They’re cold and hungry and will thank you in their next life, if not this one.… Read more →

Cycle Day 25: Stumbles And Blocks And Stuff

Here’s one of my latest posts in The Cycledork Chronicles, an exploratory delving into the cycles of ladyhood, one day at a time. Read more about it at Cycledork. Day 25 (Week 4) – Stumbles And Blocks And Stuff File under: productivity//energy level//brain matters//creativity Current mood: Current theme song: And I’m busting up my brains for the words As I sit here… Read more →

Two of my favorite things: yoga and periods

I was recently interviewed about my experience with yoga, how it intersects with my cycle and fertility awareness. I got to talk about YogaDork and Cycledork, two babies I’m super proud of! <3 My thanks to Holly Grigg-spall. Is Your Birth Control Yoga Friendly? Are there any common lessons you have gleaned from both yoga and fertility awareness? When you think… Read more →

Hairever I May Roam

I click on things like this because I am clueless when it comes to hair (and other fashionable grooming trends) and I think oooh! NOW I’ll finally learn what every other female (and some males) already know! I read (well, I scroll through) the whole thing, I get excited I’ve finally achieved womanhood, and then, inevitably, I close the page and carry… Read more →

See You at SXSW Yoga 2015

Yogsters and dorks, If you’re headed out to SXSW this year don’t miss out on the little known daily morning yoga classes, one of which will be taught by yours truly — it’s Tuesday, March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day, so don’t forget to dress in green and bring me beer! Just kidding. (Sort of.) It’s my fifth year teaching yoga at… Read more →

Why hasn’t anyone made fully biodegradable and compostable balloons yet?

This is a mini rant. But seriously, why hasn’t anyone made fully biodegradable and compostable balloons yet? I know releasing balloons into the air has been a thing for decades, but lately I’ve noticed a lot of people releasing balloons to commemorate something or honor a loved one. It’s a lovely idea in theory. However… Not to be harsh, but those… Read more →

Quoted in the Globe and Mail on Lululemon-Dalai Lama partnership

I was quoted in The Globe and Mail‘s piece on the surprising Lululemon-Dalai Lama partnership. Glad I made some sense in my ramble! Sometimes talking to reporters is worse than… “So, tell me about yourself…” Also, Lulu-Lama headline wins. Lulu-Lama? Partnership between yoga wear maker, Dalai Lama sparks outcryAdd to … “There’s a lot of disappointment,” Jennilyn Carson, founder of blogging site… Read more →