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Cycle Day 25: Stumbles And Blocks And Stuff

Here’s one of my latest posts in The Cycledork Chronicles, an exploratory delving into the cycles of ladyhood, one day at a time. Read more about it at Cycledork. Day 25 (Week 4) – Stumbles And Blocks And Stuff File under: productivity//energy level//brain matters//creativity Current mood: Current theme song: And I’m busting up my brains for the words As I sit here… Read more →

Two of my favorite things: yoga and periods

I was recently interviewed about my experience with yoga, how it intersects with my cycle and fertility awareness. I got to talk about YogaDork and Cycledork, two babies I’m super proud of! <3 My thanks to Holly Grigg-spall. Is Your Birth Control Yoga Friendly? Are there any common lessons you have gleaned from both yoga and fertility awareness? When you think… Read more →