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Hairever I May Roam

I click on things like this because I am clueless when it comes to hair (and other fashionable grooming trends) and I think oooh! NOW I’ll finally learn what every other female (and some males) already know! I read (well, I scroll through) the whole thing, I get excited I’ve finally achieved womanhood, and then, inevitably, I close the page and carry… Read more →

See You at SXSW Yoga 2015

Yogsters and dorks, If you’re headed out to SXSW this year don’t miss out on the little known daily morning yoga classes, one of which will be taught by yours truly — it’s Tuesday, March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day, so don’t forget to dress in green and bring me beer! Just kidding. (Sort of.) It’s my fifth year teaching yoga at… Read more →

Why hasn’t anyone made fully biodegradable and compostable balloons yet?

This is a mini rant. But seriously, why hasn’t anyone made fully biodegradable and compostable balloons yet? I know releasing balloons into the air has been a thing for decades, but lately I’ve noticed a lot of people releasing balloons to commemorate something or honor a loved one. It’s a lovely idea in theory. However… Not to be harsh, but those… Read more →

Of Size Sixes and “Yawn”Ga – A recap of my guest appearance on GetBizy

On the morning of July 29th I was the delighted guest of the GetBizy Google+ podcast hosted by Jim Fierce and Krithika Rangarajan. It was a super fun time chatting with the crew about all the goings on with TASCbar, YogaDork and Salted Scarletry, as well as some doula-ing and my philosophy on being successful.  Krithika, aka Kit, wrote up a great recap… Read more →

Thus is his cheek the map of days outworn,
When beauty lived and died as flowers do now,
Before these bastard signs of fair were born,
Or durst inhabit on a living brow;
Before the golden tresses of the dead,
The right of sepulchres, were shorn away,
To live a second life on second head;
Ere beauty’s dead fleece made another gay:
In him those holy antique hours are seen,
Without all ornament, itself and true,
Making no summer of another’s green,
Robbing no old to dress his beauty new;
And him as for a map doth Nature store,
To show false Art what beauty was of yore.