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Harassment of Females in the Gaming World Has to Stop, and Males Need To Do Something About It

Anita Sarkeesian, a pioneering kick-ass fem-positive trope-buster of our modern age, has been threatened with her life. This has got to stop. As a feminist immersed in the world of gaming, Sarkeesian known for her Feminist Frequency site has been outing the hidden (and not so hidden) misogyny and lopsided sexism found in video games. What she maybe didn’t sign… Read more →

Of Size Sixes and “Yawn”Ga – A recap of my guest appearance on GetBizy

On the morning of July 29th I was the delighted guest of the GetBizy Google+ podcast hosted by Jim Fierce and Krithika Rangarajan. It was a super fun time chatting with the crew about all the goings on with TASCbar, YogaDork and Salted Scarletry, as well as some doula-ing and my philosophy on being successful.  Krithika, aka Kit, wrote up a great recap… Read more →