Copy Editing & Writing

I love words and I love to help you improve your words, your grammar, your syntax and flow. No, really. I find pleasure doing what many people find headache-inducing. Need a website, book, or blog post copy-edited before launch? Ad copy, resume, cover letter or press release reviewed before submitting? I’ve got you covered. From proofreading and fixing typos to writing revisions, I am here to help you perfect your masterpiece.

I am also available for your copywriting needs. I have extensive experience writing blog posts, bios, resumes, ad copy, newsletters and much more. Contact me with your project info and we’ll make things happen.

Creative Consulting

As an entrepreneur and founder of several creative enterprises, I know what it’s like to build from the ground up, to see your creative passion come to life and to do it all with consciousness, integrity, lots of hard work, AND fun! (Because why else would you be doing it, right?)

I provide consulting services from writing and editing, to marketing and PR, to social media and community management, helping you fine-tune a concept and develop it from a bud of a creative idea to a fully functioning and flourishing business.

Need help? Let’s chat! Contact me.


Live your dream.



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